The 24 Études Project

Since I was a child I have loved and admired the Chopin Études, thought them extraordinary and unique, and wished that one day I would write my own set of 24! I started on my project of 24 Études a few years ago and I have completed 12 so far....

The Études will be grouped by opus number and divided in four sets of six.
My first six Études opus 66 have already been premiered by 6 different pianists and published by Donemus (you can click here to go to the Donemus webshop and have a look at the score which is available on Hardcopy or Pdf download). I have just finished composing my 12th Etude, the sixth and last Etude of the opus 86. All the Etudes opus 86 will be premiered during the 2020-21 season in seceral countries and subsequentely published. 

For each of the Études you can find below two videos:
1.  I talk about the Étude and illustrate my ideas with little performance excerpts and look at the score
2. A complete performance of the Étude

I will keep you posted of my progress on this page!

6 Études opus 66  

I. Ostinato Étude opus 66 No. 1 

Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Ostinato Étude
Ostinato Étude performed by Irina Lankova
II. Half Moon Étude opus 66 No. 2
Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Half Moon Étude
Half Moon Étude performed by Benjamin Goodman
III. Tango Étude opus 66 No. 3   
Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Tango Étude
Tango Étude performed by Peggy Wu
IV. Arpeggio Étude opus 66 No. 4
Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Arpeggio Étude
Arpeggio Étude performed by Saori Haji
V. Kangding Qingge Étude opus 66 No 5 
Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Kangding Qingge Étude
Kangding Qingge Étude performed by Tra Nguyen  
VI. Méphisto Étude opus 66 No. 6  
Nimrod Borenstein talks about his Méphisto Étude 
Méphisto Étude  performed by Kim Honggi